A quake for your marketing organization

There are books that change your perspective on how the world operates that much, they are called ‘Quake Books’. Books that after you read them, you are never the same again and see the world afresh, in a new light. If you are lucky, you read them at the right time in your life, when your susceptible to change. If you are really lucky, you read 2. I am one of those lucky few, that came into contact with the philosophies of Nassim Taleb in my early 20’s (The Black Swan) and early 30’s (Antifragile).

Those decades in your life, are when you challenge the status quo and ask why things are the way they are, and why things couldn’t be different. For me, I became heavily involved as a practitioner in digital marketing, blending ‘traditional’ marketing strategy with what’s come to be know ‘growth hacking’ at that same time. Slowly but surely, the philosophies and concepts for life started to blend with the experimental mindset advocated and practiced in growth hacking.

Most companies, if not all to some degree, are now operating in highly volatile environments and industries. Nimbler startups, supremely disruptive companies like Amazon, new technologies to make your obsolete, and geopolitical events can wipe your company from the playing field faster than ever before.

Are you thinking you should predict better to anticipate on those events? A fool’s errand. It will only lead to a false sense of comfort, as these events cannot be predicted.


What's to be done?

Your marketing organization should be set up to not only absorb the shocks (‘robust’), but to become stronger as the competitive landscape becomes more disruptive. To borrow Taleb’s terminology, your marketing organization has to become Antifragile, like the Hydra (the mythical creature who grows back 2 heads if you cut off 1 head).

But I soon learned, dogmas about how things should be organized lay in the way of applying those. Our traditional way of dealing with risk and uncertainty, is to to minimize randomness, whereas this actually only increases fragility instead of gaining from uncertainty.


Start with your first principles

If you are a marketeer, you can consider yourself to be extremely fortunate. Marketers are positioned perfectly to profit from uncertainly, if you use the right set fo tools, apply the right heuristics and embrace uncertainty. We have condensed the core principles down to a practical set priciples and 'playbooks' that can be applied immediately to your business.

80/20 Analysis for bigger ROI

Our objective is to help clients get the most of what is already present. Whether that be value streams or content, we start by doing a 80/20 analysis to understand what is driving the most value for your business, what can be eliminated and which assets, markets, audiences, products or capabilities need to be developed that will help you deliver the biggest Return on Marketing Investment.

Deciding what not to do

Doing a proper analysis is not only directed at focusing what to do; it also helps you understand what not to do. As in the medical profession, overtreatment is one of the leading causes of (business and, worse, physical) failure. In fact, iatrogenics (overtreatment or avoidable treatments of patients) is the 3rd leading cause of patient deaths in the West.
We see a clear analogy with over-management and ‘busy-bodies’ in business, turning on dials they should leave alone.
One of our first Principles is therefore: “First, do no harm“.

Developing Tests

Play multiple games at the same time, take risks in different markets to ensure you have skin in multiple games. Getting started in a new game or a new market, will allow you to spot new opportunities because you will get an actual feel of what customers are after. With your unique background and solutions, you'll have a unique proposition.
We'll help you craft your unique story to test new Minimum Viable Markets.

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