What We Do

Based on our core philosophies and heuristics, we help clients find new customers and discover new markets, improve the value of existing customers, and help achieve a fit between you, your message, your audience and the channels to reach your audience.


80/20 Analysis for bigger ROI

Our objective is to help clients get the most of what is already present. Whether that be value streams or content, we start by doing a 80/20 analysis to understand what is driving the most value for your business, what can be eliminated and which assets, markets, audiences, products or capabilities need to be developed that will help you deliver the biggest Return on Marketing Investment.

Deciding what not to do

Doing a proper analysis is not only directed at focusing what to do; it also helps you understand what not to do. As in the medical profession, overtreatment is one of the leading causes of (business and, worse, physical) failure. In fact, iatrogenics (overtreatment or avoidable treatments of patients) is the 3rd leading cause of patient deaths in the West.
We see a clear analogy with over-management and ‘busy-bodies’ in business, turning on dials they should leave alone.
One of our first Principles is therefore: “First, do no harm“.

Developing Tests

Play multiple games at the same time, take risks in different markets to ensure you have skin in multiple games. Getting started in a new game or a new market, will allow you to spot new opportunities because you will get an actual feel of what customers are after. With your unique background and solutions, you'll have a unique proposition.
We'll help you craft your unique story to test new Minimum Viable Markets.


Building a Minimum Loveable Product and Campaign

When building new products, channels or campaign, we have Skin in the Game. We typically work with remote teams of free agents. That way, we can wait until last possible moment to pull together around a problem, avoiding fixed overhead of having a whole staff waiting for something to work on. Perverse incentives of “makework” are eliminated, paradoxically making these quick decisions better.

In a series of quick sessions, we help you determine the features that are critical in testing a new product, channel or campaign, but also the few features that will wow your first users, and will make them want to share and promote your product (while still in MVP-mode).

With the help of these guiding principles, we develop, implement and improve online marketing strategies to help your organization grow and, crucially, being able to sustain growth well into the future.

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